Although companies like Marvel Studios and Warner Bros. are looking to make their mark in 2022, the year is filled with highly-anticipated blockbusters across the industry.  Included in that mix is James Cameron's Avatar 2,

Avatar 2 movie 

Avatar 2

In 2010, the first Avatar film became the highest-grossing movie ever at the historical box office much in thanks to its one-of-a-kind visual effects. Its biggest competition came with 2019’s Avengers: Endgame from the MCU, which came out on top for a short time before Avatar was re-released in theaters and retook its box office title.

Everything To Know About Avatar 2

James Cameron’s Avatar spent 15 years in development before the epic sci-fi film premiered in December 2009, and fans have been waiting nearly just as long for its sequel to hit the big screen. Less than a month after its release, the prolific director announced plans for Avatar 2 and Avatar 3, set to be shot back-to-back starting in late 2011, with the first follow-up movie planned for a December 2014 release.

Avatar 2 Movie  Updates

Although Cameron has teased as many as four sequels adding to the story, it’s been more than a dozen years since Avatar first arrived. That extended delay has taken Avatar 2 off the radar for many moviegoers, even with filming reportedly making headway on Avatar 3 and Avatar 4.

Avatar 2 Movie  

yes, I am in the Avatar sequels and as you know we can't really talk very much about it." Yeoh continued, "But it's James Cameron! Come on! I would be the tea lady for James Cameron! We shot for a few weeks, and I was so impressed with the work that he's done

Thankfully, it looks like Michelle Yeoh won't just have a minor role for Avatar 2, but will still continue to reprise her role in the upcoming Avatar 3, 4, and 5. In an interview last year, director James Cameron shared some progress about the upcoming sequels, including Avatar 2.

Avatar 2 

Avatar 2 

The Avatar sequel is one of the highly-anticipated films slated for 2022, and after a decade long of waiting, James Cameron's Avatar 2 will finally premiere in theaters on December 16, 2022.

Avatar 2 release date

Avatar 2 is definitely coming to cinemas in December 2022,

James Cameron’s Avatar 2 

Fast forward to 2022. While Avatar 2 has already been filmed, the movie’s seen several delays in production and remains unreleased. The wait seems to nearly be over, however, as The Ankler newsletter recently reported the trailer for Avatar 2 could debut in theaters before Marvel Studios’ latest film in spring 2022.

James Cameron’s Avatar 2 Plot

Avatar introduced viewers to the otherworldly planet of Pandora, where a group of highly evolved creatures called the Na’vi reside, as well as human/Na’vi hybrids called Avatars. In order to seamlessly navigate Pandora and its poisonous nature, Avatars are required to connect with human brains.